Counting Unknowns

Lindsley (1997) states:

 “There are measurement experts who say you must objectively define a thing before you can count it.  Wrong again.  You can even count unknowns.  You can keep track of the time and chart the frequency of unknown things you encounter each day.  The daily frequency of unknowns is very high when you are in a foreign place and very low when you are in a familiar place.” (p. 529)


Lindsley, O.R. (1997). Performance is easy to monitor and hard to measure.  In R. Kaufman, S. Thiagarajan, & P. MacGillis (eds.), The Guidebook for Performance Improvement: Working with Individuals and Organizations.  San Francisco: Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer.  Chapter 26, pp. 519-559.


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