BRCo Standard Celeration Charting Resources

A centralized site for both of the Standard Celeration Charting books I mentioned in the previous post, and a source of the charts themselves, is the Behavior Research Company (BRCo) family of websites.  BRCo was founded by Dr. Ogden R. Lindsley.

To order either the Graf & Lindsley (2002) or the Pennypacker, Gutierrez, Jr., and Lindsley (2003) book from BRCo you can go to BRCo's site at:

and click on the link to its online store.

To go to its store directly, you can click on:

and browse amongst its catalogs of products.

To go to the page where you can order the two aforementioned charting books, the direct webpage link is:

where you can also view their front covers. — JE



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