Communicating about Standard Celeration Charts and PT

Over the years one of the many criticisms leveled at Precision Teaching has concerned its relative dearth of informational resources.  For many years people noted that the publication frequency of precision teaching seemed rather low. Then people also lamented out-of-date and out of print books and other resources.  The field’s journal also has had a record of haphazard and intermittent publication.

Well, the situation has changed somewhat in recent years.  About a decade ago a listserve was started.  Then, a few years ago some salient publications appeared on the scene, including a new Handbook of the Standard Celeration Chart by Pennypacker, Gutierrez, and Lindsley. The journal was revived, and given a more professional appearance (though the journal seems to have fallen on hard times again, given that it’s been a couple of years since an issue was last published).  But, the center of communication within the Precision Teaching verbal community has been its old listserv. 

Recently, in discussion with Scott Born, Dennis Edinger, and Stu Harder, I pointed out that we could begin to take better advantage of newer, more recdent communication tools that now exist on the internet, including webforums and web logs, or “blogs.”  This blog represents one such effort to branch out.

OK, so what’s the point of this site?

The way I see it, it’s to encourage discussion of all matters pertaining to the Standard Celeration Chart and Precision Teaching; to establish this site as one more focal point for communication, and to set up something of an archive of web resources pertaining to Precision Teaching.

As a matter of general rule, contributions to this site will be about Precision Teaching, the Standard Celeration Chart, and to some extent about Behavior Analysis.  I include the latter category because PT owes its origins to the experimental analysis of behavior, and hence to Behavior Analysis, and also because PT is viewed by some people, including me, as part of the larger field of Behavior Analysis.

As this blog site grows, some of the contributions will be in the area of how to use the chart or other “how-to” topics concerning Precision Teaching.  Other topics will pertain to advanced charting issues and questions.  Some topics may include issues about the field in general, its direction, or how things should be going.  — JE


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  1. Regina F. Says:

    Anything beyond “excellent” and “thank you” would be superfluous.

    I’ll steer folks here :-).
    Regina F.

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